Progress Report


I haven't blogged a lot lately or made a lot of posts simply because I've been busting my butt! My new definition of a hustler is moms and dads that work hard, play hard and make stuff happen. That's exactly what I've been doing making sh happen. When I'm not training my clients, washing bottles, doing laundry, making playtime with Claudia not only fun but educational, I squeeze in my workouts. I used to have the luxury of going to the gym whenever I wanted to and hopping on the treadmill or other cardio machine and deciding what workout I wanted to do that day. Now, I must hit the ground running and hit the gym, living room or park as soon as her little head hits the crib mattress but the best thing about working hard and hustling is it pays off! I have now lost close to 60 pounds since giving birth to Claudia, who turned 8 months September 16th. At times I thought I would never lose the weight. Several weeks would go by and I wouldn't see the scale budge, and let me tell you that was devastating. I was working so hard, exercising, eating clean, drinking tons of water and then, nothing. So I decided to do what I pretty much never recommend to a client, I stopped weighing myself. The numbers on the scale were a deterrent rather than a motivator. The lack of movement at my weekly weigh-ins, despite all my best efforts, were so damaging to my self esteem that it would plummet to an all time low and I would wonder who am I if I'm not fit, healthy and happy Monica.  The realization came to me again as it did with pregnancy, that my body is going to do what it needs to, in order to provide sustenance for my baby and keep us both healthy. Therefore, until my hormones got back to normal I might as well quit upsetting myself on a weekly basis and do my best to set negative thoughts aside and enjoy this time with our baby.  

My husband and mom always assured me that I could and would lose every last pound. My husband would help prepare healthy meals but when he is not around or I simply don't have a moment to spare my handy shakes and bars keep me full and healthy. Parents know it's hard to find time in the day to fix a meal when you've got work to do and children to look after or in my case a baby crawling at 7 months that won't sit still. My trick is to fix 2 shakes at a time so I've got one for breakfast and another on hand with my shaker tin so I never walk around hungry because when I get too hungry that's when bad decisions are made.  My shakes are a lifesaver, I can play with Claudia or nurse her while I drink my shake, without having to sit down with a fork and knife.   My mom and husband would also both watch Claudia so that I could go workout or better yet, take a nap.

I'm 99% positive that the sleep deprivation was also another reason the pounds wouldn't dissolve. When you are sleep deprived your body goes into a survival mode similar to when you aren't eating enough. I felt it was retaining everything in order to have enough energy to function.

Long story short, weight loss takes time, proper eating, rest and exercise and everyone needs a cheering section!  Even weight-loss can't be done alone.  They say it takes a village to raise a child and the same goes for weight loss.