Maintaining a Positive Body Image while Pregnant

Yay!!! Your pregnant! After weeks, months or maybe even years of trying to conceive you are finally with child. What an amazing feeling. However, like all good things, pregnancy may come with many wonderful upsides but also some downsides as well.

If you are lucky, like me, maybe you skipped over the first trimester morning sickness you hear of but still got the extreme fatigue that so often accompanies the first 13-14 weeks (if your pregnant you now probably know pregnancy is 10 months not 9 and each trimester is approximately 13 and a 1/2 weeks). After cutting out or cutting back on your caffeine intake, you feel like your running on empty. As a trainer I normally have free time in the middle of the day and can sneak in a much needed afternoon nap and I suggest you all try and do the same. When I skipped over the nausea I went straight to hunger. Whoopee! And you know what that means? Yep, with my growing bump also came growing thighs and a baby Kardashian booty to match. I'm not gonna lie the weight gain has been frustrating but I want to promise myself and for you to do the same for the sake of our children to stop any negative self talk and bad feelings about our ever changing bodies. Your baby will feed off this negative energy. Instead find things about yourself that you love. Write down or give yourself a positive affirmation out loud about your body that you love. 

Think positive energy

Remember why your body is changing  

Love yourself  

Love your baby  

and show each by taking care of yourself and that includes eating healthy, exercising & getting plenty of rest.


Stay HAUTE and healthy,