What's your "Why?"

Why are you reading this? Why have you undertaken the commitment to achieve your ideal goal of health and fitness? Why do you choose to push your body and mind farther than you ever thought possible?  When you know your reason for "Why" you will have a better understanding of yourself and have further motivation to reach your goals.  

Normally, the first response I hear when I ask ""why?"" is because you want to look good in a bathing suit (of course) leave your friends green with envy (obviously) make an ex jealous (always) or some other superficial reason and I can completely understand these reasons. Howevever, what is deeper than that and the root of our need for approval from our peers is that we lack confidence in ourselves. That's the real reason why! Why do we have self hatred? Why are we our own worst enemies? Why do we bear ourselves up rather than boosting ourselves up?? Your reason why is because you want to feel better about yourself, to have confidence no matter what shape and size you are. Everyone has a different view of what is physically beautiful and that is why you are reading this, because you want to be confident with yourself and feel beautiful no matter what others think. So why you should reach for better health and fitness is for you. Do it today. Start taking care of your bodies and in return they'll take care of you ;) and lookin mighty fine in a bikini or board shorts this Memorial Day will be the froth or your protein shake.