The High Bar


Are you one of the few still living up to your New Year's resolutions?  If you are, pat yourself on the back, because most gave up just 2 weeks into 2014. However, if you did loosen the reigns on the promises you made to yourself, here is some information to help you jump back in and make this year different.

In order for you to be successful this New Year in achieving your health and fitness goals you must first set realistic goals and expectations.  DON'T burn yourself out by trying to workout 2 hours a day, or even a full hour right off the bat.  You are only setting yourself up for failure when you set the bar too high.  Allow yourself to make a steady climb to the top and celebrate every little achievement.

Another element to think of when starting a new program are the actual elements. If you enjoy running or exercising outdoors be conscious of the temperature. Extreme high and low temperatures can be dangerous to train in and require you to slowly let your body adapt.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen an overweight person running in August (probably Charleston’s hottest month) at 3pm, the average hottest point of the day during the summer. I ask myself,  “Do they have a death wish?” “I wonder if they lost a bet” or I want to ask them, “Do you think you are a super hero and proper training doesn’t apply to you?”

The cold can be just as dangerous. Ever heard of hyperthermia? It got as low as 18˚in Charleston this winter. I remember this temperature specifically because it was one of our coldest mornings in the low country, but sure enough as I drove over the Ravennel Bridge, probably the windiest and coldest location in Charleston, I spotted a not-so-in-shape person running the bridge at 5A.M. "Why not at least choose a less windy route?" I thought to myself.   It's hard enough to commit to your new healthy lifestyle without dealing with freezing temperatures or extreme heat.  No one said it would be easy, being healthy and fit is hard-work, you probably forgo happy hour, wake up an hour early to exercise, carefully plan your meals and meticulously log your food.  So next time you lace up those sneakers, think people. Then call me.