How to Travel Healthy


As you enjoy the last weekend of summer you may be hitting the road for a last minute getaway or perhaps you are one of the many people that travel a lot for work. Don’t think you can’t live a healthy lifestyle just because you are on the road a lot?  Thats just not the case! More and more airlines and hotels are offering ways to stay healthy when away from home. Here are a few of my tips to keep traveling from ruining your waistline.

  1. 1)Pack healthy snacks for your trip. There is no excuse not to eat healthy on the road with a little planning and preparation. I like protein bars, fresh fruit or veggies, nuts, portable cheese or protein bars. A recent review of studies published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that eating 6 to 25 grams of protein within an hour of exercising significantly increases muscle repair and growth, compared with not noshing.  Two handfuls of almonds will hit the low end of that target or try my favorite, Supreme Protein bars that come in delicious nutty options like peanut butter and jelly. They taste like candy yet pack 30 grams of protein.  All of these portable snacks are satisfying and keep my cravings at bay when I smell Cinnabon in the airport.  

  2. 2)Pick a hotel that provides the newest wave in hospitality:  Wellness programs that make it easy for hotel guest to eat right and be active while on the road. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts caters to customers with specific dietary concerns such as gluten allergy, diabetes or simply a preference for eating macrobiotic. 

  3. 3)Pack your gear. While packing make sure you save room for your sneakers and workout clothes.  I like to pack clothes that double as Pj’s for the first night and then can wear to workout in the next day.  No one’s judging you at the gym, you there, that’s what’s important. In the instance you did forget something you won’t find an excuse not to work out when staying at Westin Hotels and Resorts.  The chain has teamed up with New Balance to lend guests at select properties exercise shoes (with disposable insoles) and apparel at no extra cost. 

  4. 4)Sneak exercise into your travel itinerary. Recently my husband and I took a weekend galavant to Jekyll Island, a barrier island on Georgia’s coast.  We stayed at the Jekyll Island Club which was founded in 1886 and was once the private winter retreat of some of America’s wealthiest families including Morgan, Rockefeller, Pulitzer and Vanderbilt.  Brent and I explored the island on bikes we rented for just five dollars each. I always find the best memories made while traveling are the ones spent touring around the destination.  We road around for over four hours enjoying the beautiful scenery and getting in a workout to boot.  Many hotels like Kimpton’s Hotel Solamar in San Diego offer activities to keep you active.  Solamr offers “Mind your Ps: Pilates, Power Walks and Pedal Pushers,” which lets you explore the city on foot or two wheels or enjoy a local Pilates class. You can refuel in-room with meals created by nutritionist Joy Bauer and Kimpton Chefs.

  5. 5)Read menus and plan ahead for meals.  There are far too many choices of delicious and subsequently healthy options for you to let all your hard work go to waste by eating an overindulgent meal that’s just going to make you sluggish and not enjoy your trip to the fullest extent.  Get excited about your trip and check out your destination onThe Travel Channel or the Food Network and find restaurants your dying to try and plan your meals in advance.  That goes for eating out in your own town as well. I

If you are traveling to our wonderful city or live here and looking to be a tourist in your own town and want a little staycation contact Anne Marie at Charleston...Done Right for all your travel needs.