Pudgy Pet Problem?


The obesity epidemic is spreading....to our furry friends!  I experienced this first hand when my husband and I rescued our second Miniature Pinscher, Roxie. She was twice the weight of my first Min Pin, Belle. At 23 lbs Roxie looked as if she swallowed a bowling ball!  Whether you think your pudgy pet is cute or not, it is no laughing matter. 

Heavy animals have higher risk of diabetes, respiratory disease and osteoarthritis just like people do.  So cut back on treats and table scraps, and feed them the recommended amount for what their weight should be. Taper meals back slowly or use no salt added green beans as a filler as I did with Roxie.  Slowly tapering their meals will prevent your pet from feeling like they are starving or always hungry which results to eating bad things like trash or.....you get the picture.  Also, plan more walks for Fido. My husband & I diligently took our dogs on a morning run. You can even check their activity level at Tagg Petteacker.com.  See a vet if your pet doesn't respond to extra exercise or a low calorie diet.  Roxie had to go on special diet dog food to assist in our efforts and now she is happy and health at a slim and trim at 15lbs.  Treat your best friend like they deserve & reward them with a happier, healthier & longer life!